There are tons of monsters in the world of Dimension Door, which are organized into 5 categories: Aberrations, Beasts, Demons, Humanoids, and the Undead. Each category has their own general set of traits, but each monster is unique in its abilities. Players will have to constantly test their nerves against these creatures, some more dreadful than others. Perhaps the only way to truly avoid insanity is by killing them immediately. But these may not be the only monsters you have to avoid in the mansion; beware the other Guests, and what they may become. Below are some of the monsters you may encounter.


These are the strongest types of monsters in the game, though also fortunately they are the rarest to encounter. They all have powerful dread effects and abilities. Aberrations come in all shapes and forms, including the shapeless and formless. Without guns, taking one down may require at least one ally. So you better hope to have at least a Pump Shotgun if you don’t trust the other Guests of the House.

The Mutilated

The Mutilated is an aberrant monstrosity, standing at roughly 8 feet tall. With its oversized claws upon when they attempt to run. And worse, because it has been so physically ravaged, it is very aware of where to strike vitals the hardest; the more blood it sees, the more blood it intends to spill. Kill it, kill it fast, kill it with fire; or else it will begin to bring more of its ‘friends’ along to join the thrashing party.

The Leech Thing

The Leech Thing is as it is described, a giant leech­like thing. But it doesn’t just suck all the blood out of a human after a few attacks, it also feeds on the frightened souls of those unable to withstand the horror of its existence. Whenever the Leech Thing deals damage, it replenishes its own health with the blood of its victims. Don’t let the Leech Thing catch you, or you’ll be drained of the will to live and die a slow death until your body is completely dropless.


These are relentless and quick monsters that rely on its strength and speed to catch its prey. Not all Beasts have dread effects, but they still hit hard so it is highly advised to strike them down before they come within arm’s distance.

Ash Hound

The Ash Hound looks like it could be a cute pet, until you see the fire in its hungry eyes and angry paws. The Ash Hound is fast and has a strong bite. As if fire wasn’t something you wanted to already avoid, while in a room on fire the Ash Hound is a menace to be reckoned with. It feeds on the fire and increases its damage. Put out the fire or put down the Ash Hound; either case is a danger not to be taken lightly.

Phase Beast

The Phase Beast is a monster from another world which has gained the ability to create and jump through portals at will. It enjoys the chase, as any dog­like hunter would. So even if you are the last Guest to leave a room ­ thereby sending that room back to the Aether ­ the Phase Beast won’t disappear with it. No, instead it will follow you through the door you left from by using its portals to chase you down. The Phase Beast is unrelenting; killing it is the only way to run from it.


These monsters aren’t just the horned, fire­flingers we all assume them to be. While Demons do in fact embody rage, hunger, and otherwise plain evil, there are far more horrific things Demons can be. Using evil magic or raw strength, a Demon is a monster that does not care for its own health; it only intends to destroy the life of others, regardless of its own.

Horned Scourge

The Horned Scourge is a bulky Demon that charges at its foes with unstoppable force. What it lacks in magical affinity, it excels in raw physical strength. Do not let this monster come at you; ranged weapons are your best friends, especially against the Horned Scourge. If it does charge at you and hits, you will take extra damage and become stunned, making fighting it considerably more difficult and possibly requiring an ally to help keep you alive.

Outer Fiend

The Outer Fiend is a much different kind of demon: a sinister alien­esque monster of pure dark evil. It relies on attacking the mind instead of the body, and thrives on the insanity of nearby Guests. Whenever an Insane Guest fails its Nerve check against the Outer Fiend’s Dread, it will attack that Guest regardless of range. And when it dies, no it does not bleed any blood; instead, pure evil pours out from its corpse filling the room with a magical darkness.


These monsters are more like humans than anything else. But they have either come from other worlds ­ trapped in the mansion much like you, Guests of the House ­ or they have willingly joined the insanity of the mansion’s inhabitants and their thirst for blood and death.

Dark Priest

The Dark Priest is a humanoid monster that uses simple magic to attack its enemies from a distance. But they are much more sinister than they seem on the outside. They have made a soul pact with an evil prime being to survive the destruction of their own home; when their time comes, a monstrous being will sprout forth from the dead body of a Dark Priest. It could be anything from a tiny demon to a gigantic beast, so be prepared if you intend to kill a Dark Priest.


The Witch is a humanoid monster that has demonic blood within it. She has the ability to open a gateway, allowing a demon to come to her aid. But this gateway requires fear as its power source, so don’t let it strike a nerve! Additionally, the Witch’s demon friend is directly tied to her life-force. If she dies, so does the demon. She casts evil magic to attack enemies from a distance while her demon­friend aids her.


These monsters are the living dead, and even things that which should not be living. The Undead know only one thing: hunger. Even with decaying or otherwise normally inanimate vessels, death does not stop them from devouring all living in its path.


The Ghoul is a monster that was once human. But its appetite for the dead has ravaged its mind and blackened its soul. When these necrophilic humans die, they become Ghouls which enter a horrific reversal. Now being dead, the Ghoul always hunger for what they are not: the living. Their scratches are deadly, for their evil and decay is potent enough to paralyze the mightiest of its enemies. This makes their targets easy prey to feast upon, eating them alive.

Living Shadow

The Living Shadow is as it sounds. When evil beings die, many things can happen to resist death. In this case, evil lives on through its shadow. In the light, the Living Shadow is hard to see until it is actually in the same place as you. But in the darkness, you can’t see it at all; instead it melds in with the darkness and completely encompasses it. This causes the Living Shadow to deal more damage and attack from a range, where it normally cannot.


Guests are the player­controlled characters that found their way into the mansion one way or another. This Guest of the House, which you choose, must survive and complete the scenario objective to win the game with the rest of the team. But Guests also have a choice among a list of Hidden Agendas: a win condition that they can attempt to fulfill in secrecy. Hidden Agendas tend to include harming other Guests one way or another, and completing one causes you to instantly win alone and end the game. This is where the tension arises; you can never be too careful with other Guests. There are 8 categories of Guests, separated by an overarching general occupation; below are few examples of Guests you can play in Dimension Door.

Allison Soriano

The Psychiatrist

Constantly being surrounded by insanity, Allison has become accustomed to it. That’s why when you play as Allison, you and any Guests in your room with whom you have made alliances with are resistant to insanity; whenever you or said Guest would become Insane, there’s a chance that Allison can prevent it, causing you or that Guest to have 1 point of Sanity left still.

She has had to fight other people’s inner demons for so long that she hasn’t had much time to fight her own. The unstable magic within the mansion can manifest Allison’s demons to life, but her sanity is the only thing keeping them in. As long as Allison is Insane, Demon monsters will lash out against any of Allison’s fellow Guests, completely ignoring Allison unless she is the only Guest in the vicinity.

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Nathan Bennett

The Electrician

Being a handy guy with tools as well as on the farm from his hometown, Nathan Bennett has always found a quick solution to any problem that suddenly arises. Whenever any Room Events test Nathan’s Wits, he gains a +2 bonus to Wit during that check.

Knowing how circuits and wiring infrastructures work has its perks; that’s why, given some time and effort, Nathan can bring light to almost any room in darkness.

Vaugn Green

Fire Rescue Team

As a well trained firefighter, Vaugn knows the dangers that can erupt from a small kindling. He knows how to protect himself and those around him in a blazing fire. Through proper positioning and fire­fighting techniques, he can aid those in need; if a fellow Guest would take damage from fire, Vaugn can choose to take that damage instead.

Sometimes there isn’t enough time during a fire. From his strength and endurance training with his rescue team, Vaugn is capable of carrying another Guest along with him during his movement if the room is on fire.


What happens when your character dies? Well the mansion isn’t going to just let you go. Your character’s soul was latched onto by the mansion ever since you set foot within its chaotic space. When you die as a Guest, your character drops all his or her items and then becomes a Servant. Each Servant has a singular purpose ­ revenge ­ and they have their own unique ways of obtaining it. In the lobby before the game starts, you will choose what Servant your Guest will become when it dies, but this information is hidden from the other players (much like Hidden Agendas) until they see you spawn as the monstrous, powerful, and vengeful minions of the mansion. Below are a few examples of Servants that you can play as.

The Gorgon

Inspired by the myth of Medusa, in the mansion, she is no myth, but she is not the same. She instantly floods the mind of anyone that meets her gaze with such a heightened sense of fear that they are stunned. She thrives when she is able to attack helpless enemies this way. As long as she kills at least one Guest, she can win with the mansion.

The Lich King

Once you were a human, but you placed your soul into a magical artifact. Now you roam the mansion in search of that artifact, destroying all that oppose you along the way. Every king needs his minions; the Lich King is able to sacrifice other non­Undead monsters to heal himself and spawn a Skeleton in its place. Additionally, Guests witnessing this horrific act must test their nerves against your dreadfulness, or suffer consequences, in a manner that pleases the mansion.

The Raven’s Visage

An unkindness of ravens is an understatement for the Raven’s Visage. It is a manifestation of complete destruction, of hordes and swarms of avian death. As the Raven’s Visage, you will be able to summon many Ravenus, demon raven monsters, whenever an enemy fails a dread check against you. With each Ravenus in the mansion, the stronger you become. The mansion will not be happy if you simply kill the guests. No, you must feed on their very souls, after having broken their minds.

The Butler

The Butler won’t just open the door for you, he will lead you in ways you may or may not want. Although he wears attire that suggests servitude, the facade is an illusion to gain false trust; it is you who serves him. This anomalous being fizzles magic and technology in his area so no one can hear you scream ­ not that this master puppeteer would let you. For the Butler to win with the mansion, he must cause a Guest to kill another Guest, or itself, using its puppeteer ability.


There are various magical artifacts that can be found in the mansion. But beware the cursed artifacts; though they might be helpful, they always have some kind of crucial detriment. Below are only a few of the artifacts that populate the mansion.

Hellfire Ruby

This gem looks as though a fire was crystallized. It magically makes its holder immune to rooms on fire and even gives the capability to set rooms on fire.


This spiked ball mace is inscribed with words of power and evil. But if you use it and kill another living being, the Mourningstar steals its soul and becomes permanently stronger.

Dark Pendant

This cursed trinket is far more sinister than it looks. In fact, it has a mind of its own, an evil one. It immediately latches itself to you when you pick it up and the only way to get rid of it is to find a different host.

Visceral Riteknife

This sickle­like dagger has been used in many sacrificial rituals because of its effectiveness in splitting the skin with its magic blade. This one-handed artifact melee weapon will automatically kill enemies that are already close to death, but requires your own blood to do so.

Common Items

Appropriately named, these are items that are much more common to find in the mansion. These are also items that, when you start the game, you can pick and choose which ones you enter the mansion with.


Need some diversity in your life? A handy tool used both for prying doors open and bashing your enemies’ heads in.


Hurting badly? This medical gauze is used to patch up wounds for you or an ally in your room.


Slowly losing your mind and sight in the evil darkness? This counteracts that, no problem.


Need a quick solution to a hostile enemy? Look no further; this has all the stopping power you need.